Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tiny House Floor Plan

Tiny House Floor Plans (it may change tomorrow) :D
Here is the main floor plan of our tiny house. **** Plans subject to change… when we put up the walls… our layout may have to change. ;) Trying to keep an open mind!
You can not see the doors very well but there is a set of french doors right in the middle of the building. Which will be open once you walk in. The two lofts are on the ends and will cover the Master Bed and Bath and the other will cover the Kitchen and Washroom.

Lofts will be 15x15 each. One will be divided into 3 nooks and the other will be divided into 2 nooks. Both lofts will have a little space for a commons area which will allow sunlight to shine through each window and room to make some built in cabinets or shelves for board games, etc.